Triple K Latigo Leather Dog Lead Brown 48-Inch – Style 952

Triple K Latigo Leather Dog Lead Brown 48-Inch – Style 952


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Latigo Leather Lead

Constructed from U.S. tanned top-grain hot-stuffed latigo leather

Waxed nylon thread

Solid Brass swivel snaps

Features a woven look at both ends

1″ wide X 72″ long


What Is Latigo Leather?

Latigo is the Spanish word for “whip”. This material is made from a combination of tanning processes. Coming from the best of two worlds it’s offers great durability while also being supple.

How Latigo Leather is Made

Latigo leather is most commonly made from cowhide. It is first chrome tanned which involves soaking the hide in a solution of acidic salts and then drying it before further processing. Next it is vegetable tanned by soaking it in a series of vats with progressively higher concentrations of tanning solutions. After completing the tanning process the hides are tumbled in large drums to absorb various oils and waxes. This makes them more pliable and supple while retaining their strength. This combination tanning process makes it unique among types of leather.


Latigo leather is both durable and pliable making it suitable for rigorous activities and applications with rough usage. It is resistant to moisture and sweat due to the high amounts of oil it is infused with during manufacture. As a result of this oil infusion and the process of partial chrome tanning and partial vegetable tanning latigo is more rigid than full chrome-tanned leather but less rigid than vegetable tanned leather. It is not stretchy and goes from rigid to supple and soft in a short time.

Advantages of Latigo Leather

The great strength and flexibility of latigo is derived from the tanning process and the absorption of oils during the finishing process. While heavier than other leathers it is also more moisture resistant resilient and gets softer with use.